1. I like weight-lifting. 💪🏻
    Don't get me wrong, I'm a total novice. You'd probably laugh at how light my weights are. But I've been doing it for 3 weeks now, and I'm noticing my body getting stronger!
  2. Internet friends are real friends.
    In the last year or so I've grown away from several friends. With one notable exception, I feel like I don't connect with a lot of people locally. (Aka I'm really liberal & a public-school mom living in a conservative, home-schooling bubble.) But luckily I've found some great internet friends whom I talk to daily, and it's really filled a void. Even if my husband calls them my "fake friends". 😉
  3. I like beans.
    This sounds dumb, but I was THE world's pickiest eater as a kid. As I grow older I like more and more foods, and I discovered legumes this year! Chickpea soup, huevos rancheros, black bean tostadas, even LENTILS guys. It's crazy town around here.
  4. If I slow down, everyone is happier.
    I grew up with an ex-military dad who harped on punctuality, and I'm an ENTJ, so I like bossing people around. But lately I've been realizing that a LOT of the stress in our family is caused by me. If I just let my kids and husband do things at their own (slow & inefficient 😜) paces, everyone gets along better. So I'm trying VERY hard to not care that my house is messier & that we're occasionally a few minutes late. 😁