The bookish sleep of Juliet, part 7

Juliet is 2, and loves to fall asleep looking at books, which I find adorable. See part 6 here: The bookish sleep of Juliet, part 6
  1. Apparently she decided to open some sort of monster bookstore out of her crib.
  2. Curled up with some classics.
  3. So sweet!
  4. Ah youth, and its miraculous ability to fall asleep anywhere, except where/when your mom wants you to.
  5. Monster book + monsters.
  6. George as pillow, again.
  7. Those Maisy books are getting worn to death. Which makes me rather happy.
  8. More monsters! (We went through a little phase for a week or two.)
  9. And then, big girl bed! Freedom, glorious freedom!
  10. Also, it's summer in AZ. Clothing mostly optional.
  11. As you can see.
  12. I mean really. 😍