I whine about the weather nonstop from May-October (when it's 95 or hotter). But, this time of year, it's pretty awesome.
  1. It's 72 today.
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  2. But about 30 minutes from my house is Mt. Lemmon.
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  3. And as you drive up the mountain, which takes about half an hour, the cacti are gradually replaced by pine trees. And the snow deepens.
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  4. Snowmen can be built. (We found someone else's.)
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  5. Snowy hills can be climbed.
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  6. Snowballs can be thrown.
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  7. Snowy selfies can be taken.
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  8. Hot chocolate can be purchased at the Cookie Cabin.
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  9. And then we can shed our coats, and drive the hour back home to our 70 degree weather.
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  10. So yeah, Tucson in January, I kinda love you.
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