I whine about the weather nonstop from May-October (when it's 95 or hotter). But, this time of year, it's pretty awesome.
  1. It's 72 today.
  2. But about 30 minutes from my house is Mt. Lemmon.
  3. And as you drive up the mountain, which takes about half an hour, the cacti are gradually replaced by pine trees. And the snow deepens.
  4. Snowmen can be built. (We found someone else's.)
  5. Snowy hills can be climbed.
  6. Snowballs can be thrown.
  7. Snowy selfies can be taken.
  8. Hot chocolate can be purchased at the Cookie Cabin.
  9. And then we can shed our coats, and drive the hour back home to our 70 degree weather.
  10. So yeah, Tucson in January, I kinda love you.