Inspired by @morganmccuen and @LizDawson. So fun!!
  1. There was a very thin person speaking from inside the drive-thru sign at fast food restaurants.
    I thought it must be the most boring job ever!
  2. Moms pooped the babies out.
    My mom was hesitant to have "the talk" with me, so I was pretty old before she finally told me the truth. I made up several intriguing theories before then. 😜
  3. Our family got more green lights when we were driving than other cars did. 🚦
    (My maiden name was Green.)
  4. Tucson was in Arizona, so Arizona must be in Tucson. 🌵
    I distinctly remember (around age 4), casually telling someone that my grandma lived in Tucson, Arizona, "or you can say Arizona, Tucson".