Things I have laminated so far today

I just opened the laminator I bought on Black Friday this morning. And now I can't stop laminating!!
  1. "Match the Groundhog to his shadow" printable game.
  2. A sheet for Juliet to practice her name.
  3. 3 sheets for Eleanor to practice cursive, since they don't learn that at school anymore. (Her initials are EKH.)
  4. A new family schedule! We fell out of the habit over the holidays. And the girls do much better with a weekly routine. Plus it forces me to be a more mindful parent!
    Menu Mon: I make a menu of after school activities for the girls to pick from (park time, play dough, etc), and I let them vote on dinner and snack options. Treat Tues: special dessert night. WtW W: girls get to eat dinner in front of the tv while mom & dad have a mini dinner date in the dining room. Thirsty Thurs: milkshakes or lemonade or such. FFF: something fun all together. Sometimes dinner at gma's, a movie, or a game night.
  5. A heart for Juliet to make "Valentime" cards on, since she's almost used up all the hearts I bought at the dollar store. A reusable one will be perfect!
  6. A new point system for Eleanor, since our other chore chart didn't work out very well. Hope the carrot approach will be more incentivizing... points will be awarded for kindness to sister, doing chores, doing homework, etc.