This list is about "Season 1" (available on Netflix now). I think it's actually the 5th series.
  1. Mary Berry's amazing jackets.
  2. The entire eclair episode.
    Mmmmmm. My mouth watered the whole time.
  3. Hearing basil pronounced "Baaz-il".
  4. How Nancy keeps calling Paul Hollywood "the male judge" instead of his name.
    And when she made the donuts that looked like him‽! Lolz for days.
  5. The way they all say they're going to "whack" something into the oven.
  6. How Richard always has a pencil behind his ear.
  7. Chetna's nervous face.
  8. One word: schichtorte.
  9. The way they all call Luis "Louie".
    Is this a British thing? Are all Luises Louie?? Or is this just how he pronounces his name...?
  10. The ridiculous puns of Mel & Sue.
    They're the hosts/narrators, and they're purposefully completely over the top. So fun!
  11. How Kate's hair gets bigger the more frazzled she gets.
  12. The overuse of the word marzipan in the Swedish princess cake technical challenge.
  13. The 19,000 things I want to eat after bingeing this whole season in 3 days.