1. Her burp.
    My 5yo. "Excuse you!" Her: "No! It's my burp! Not yours. It's my burp under my mouth. Cuse ME."
  2. Whether or not it was a butterfly or bird in the book picture.
    It was TOTALLY a butterfly. But whatever, I decided to pick my battles.
  3. Whether or not she needed pants on to go outside.
  4. Whether or not she could have a second fruit leather.
  5. Who was crazy.
    Her: saying something silly. Me: "You're crazy!" Her: "I not crazy mom. YOU'RE crazy!"
  6. Taking a nap.
  7. Who got to turn off the tv.
  8. Whether or not the badger was a fox.
    (It was a badger.)
  9. Eating dinner.
  10. Getting her diaper changed.
  11. Coloring pictures.
  12. Going to bed.
  13. You see where this is heading, right? I mean I *am* writing lists at 4am... 😜