1. She got wet in the bathtub.
  2. I kissed her.
  3. Her string cheese (which she left on the couch for half an hour), "Is very weird. Is all yucky."
  4. I changed the sheets on her bed.
  5. She wanted to watch an episode of Sofia the First.
  6. I turned Sofia on.
    Turns out, by "I can watch Sofia?" She meant "I would like to watch an episode of Masha & the Bear, please oh wonderful, long suffering mother of mine."
  7. Masha & the Bear ended.
  8. It was windy outside.
  9. We came back home.
  10. She wanted a bowl of Cheerios.
  11. I didn't pour enough milk on them.
  12. Then I poured too much milk.
  13. I filled up my own bottle of water.
    She ran screaming to the back porch to get a chair, carried it in, took the bottle from me, used the chair to reach the sink, so she could dump out the water I'd just added (sobbing all the while), scooted the chair to the fridge so so she could refill my bottle, and then said, "Here go mom, I get water for you", all angelically. 🙄😇
  14. Approximately 962 other things. I literally can't remember them all.
  15. But now, a break in the tears! Hoping hoping hoping she wakes happier and healthier.
    (Not sure if it's a virus or a growth spurt or what, but man she's been beastly this last few days! Poor thing. She just wants me to hold her while she cries about everything.) 😕