1. My feet are kind of dizzy.
    (After she'd been sitting on them a while.)
  2. I dranked a LOT OF JUICE. Now my belly is big and full like daddy's!
    (His isn't. But I'm pretty happy she said "daddy's", not "mommy's". 😉)
  3. Me: guess what? I love you! Her: guess what? I love the trampoline!
    Followed by much hysterical giggling. ❤️
  4. I fink I lost my coloring book. It's yellowish purplish brownish and it has a rhinoceros on the front.
    I find it so amusing that she can't say "think", but she can say all those other words!
  5. (Opening some junk mail) "Mom! Look! It's a new pay card! A pay card in the mail. Thank you Jesus, please keep me safe. Amen."
    Pretty sure a lot of adults should ask Jesus to protect them from credit cards too.
  6. Look at that really big airplane!!! It's even older than my dad!
    My husband is 6'4", and apparently the oldest/biggest person she knows. 🙂
  7. I'm coloring everysing in my whole life!
    (As she happily keeps coloring in a coloring book.)