It's 8:03 am. 😥
  1. I told her to go potty.
  2. I took my phone away from her.
  3. She didn't a waffle for breakfast.
  4. Oh wait she did want a waffle for breakfast.
  5. She still didn't want to go potty.
  6. Her shirt wouldn't tuck in right.
  7. She didn't want to put shoes on.
  8. Her nose was running.
  9. Her nose was running too.
    (Me: you know what makes noses stop running? WHEN YOU STOP CRYING.)
  10. Her shirt STILL wouldn't tuck in.
  11. The new outfit we coerced her into wasn't cute enough.
  12. She could brush her OWN hair.
  13. She didn't want a waffle for breakfast.
  14. She didn't want an egg either.
  15. She still wanted my phone back.
  16. She didn't want to go to school.
  17. She didn't want to be late for school.
  18. I told her to put shoes on.
  19. 😩😡😩😡😩