1. What if I put your skirt into the dryer for a minute so it was nice and warm? 🙂
  2. I don't care. You can wear the silver sparkly shoes OR the purple sparkly shoes.
  3. No, you have to wear a coat.
  4. Eleanor, it's 42 degrees outside. You cannot go out in a t-shirt and skirt.
  5. Ok, then I'll pick the coat for you. 🙄
  6. I'm sure "everyone" will still think you look nice even if the coat covers part of your shirt.
  8. Ok, you need to worry less about "everyone" and more about your own attitude.
  9. Do you really think everyone you walk by is staring at everything you wear?
  10. (Oh, apparently she does.)
  11. Well honey, people are busy thinking about their own stuff. I promise. They're looking for their friends, or worried about being late. They're not thinking about your purple shirt.
  12. ELEANOR KATHRYN. You do not get to leave this house without a coat. 😡
  13. Whaddya wanna bet she took the coat off as soon as dad was out of sight in the drop-off zone? 😝