"No!! My do it!!" are my four least favorite words right now.
  1. Unzip her jammies.
    Phew, that one was easy.
  2. Put her jeans on.
    Doom and despair. She can't pull them up over her own bum.
  3. Eat a granola bar.
    Let's not talk about how many crumbs are in her carseat right now.
  4. Get out of her carseat.
    Whoops. I unthinkingly lifted her down to the ground. So she climbed back into the car, back into her seat, put her arms through the straps, then took her arms out, climbed out of the seat, and back out of the car.
  5. Climb the rock wall at the park.
    She made it 4/5 of the way before she slipped. (And I caught her.)
  6. And I could go on and on and on.
    Just be glad this list is only for this morning.