(Our brothers took my mom out on Mother's Day.) We decided we needed a little gift too, and wrote down memories for him. Here are mine!
  1. Static
    I was born when my dad was 22, my sisters when he was 28 and 30.
  2. Static
    When I was 4, I crawled up a "hill", which turned out to be an ant hill. I fell in up to my neck. When I started screaming, my dad yanked me out, stripped off all my clothes, and beat the ants off me. At the time I was so embarrassed, but looking back, his quick thinking was awesome. I only ended up with 9 ant bites on my body, and he had more than 30 on his hands.
  3. Static
    When I was 9 he became the pastor of a very tiny church. He was the only staff member, so I became assistant cleaner/groundskeeper/sound system person.
  4. Static
    My brain works in the same slightly devious way that my dad's does. My mom is frequently appalled by us.
  5. Static
    On the rare occasions when mom wasn't home, he always made (canned) corned beef hash for dinner, and we got to play board games at the table.
  6. Static
    I've never been able to sleep in the car, and my dad was always the driver. So on our MANY road trips from AZ to TX and back, we would whisper "hay!" to each other whenever we passed a hay bale.
  7. Static
    My girls are blessed with an abundance of grandparents - both of my grandpas are living, plus my father-in-law. But my dad is definitely the silly grandpa. (My maiden name was Green, so he's "Greenpa".)
  8. Static
    It's weird what parenthood has done to me. If you'd asked 10 years ago, I would have definitely said I'm more like my dad than my mom. But guys, I basically AM my dad now. And it's kinda freaky sometimes!