1. Hulk-level rage over "broken" food.
    Bananas, granola bars, muffins, etc. Rage exponentially increases if parents attempt to "fix" food.
  2. X-Ray vision, alerting them to the presence of anything you're trying to hide in the bottom of the trash can/recycling bin.
    The 97 papers with one squiggle each on them. Those Elsa & Anna socks with huge holes in the toes. That empty bag of jellybeans. That super annoying whistle that some crazy person gave out as birthday party favors. 🙄
  3. The ability to instantly, magically fall asleep anywhere... Except their own bed.
  4. Laser hearing, immediately alerting them to the opening of the fridge or pantry when they're supposedly asleep.
  5. Super strength
    Allowing them to turn their body into an unbendable plank whenever a car seat is within six inches.
  6. Incredible sweetness, right when you least expect it. 😍