A mix of the practical and the hilarious.
  1. "Foreign objects I've removed from butts" by @aminam FOREIGN OBJECTS I HAVE REMOVED FROM BUTTS
  2. "The best 10 meals I've ever made" by @mhawkeyem THE BEST 10 MEALS I'VE EVER MADE
  3. "This weekend's impossible requests from my toddler" from @jeremyblachman THIS WEEKEND'S IMPOSSIBLE REQUESTS FROM MY TODDLER
  4. "Strangest items you can buy on each presidential candidate's website" by @sarahgorman STRANGEST ITEMS YOU CAN BUY ON EACH PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE'S WEBSITE
  5. "Podcasts for food lovers" by @BethFishReads Podcasts for Food Lovers
  6. "What to pack for an extended hospital stay: this one's for the caregivers" by @alligeeshow WHAT TO PACK FOR AN EXTENDED HOSPITAL STAY: THIS ONE'S FOR THE CAREGIVERS
  7. "Disneyland's Jungle Cruise tour, as given by someone who's very very sad" by @Waz Disneyland's Jungle Cruise Tour, as Given by Someone Who's Very, Very Sad
  8. "Presidential candidates as phones" by @Nicholas Presidential Candidates as Mobile Phones
  9. "Types of hunger experienced by well-fed people" by @molliekatzen Types of Hunger Experienced by Well-fed People
  10. "My favorite original songs in tv shows" by @TVAddict MY FAVORITE ORIGINAL SONGS IN TV SHOWS