1. Stayed home alone.
    Well, not completely alone. With the sick toddler... While my husband took the turkey and my older daughter {or should I say the bird and the turkey? HA.} to his sister's house.
  2. Went for a 5 mile walk.
    Mostly to get her to stroller nap. Also to justify eating a lot of potato chips and dip when we got home.
  3. Listened to several hours of The Android's Dream.
    It's narrated by Wil Wheaton! I think my days of listening around her are doomed though... She's bound to start repeating some of the insalubrious expressions soon.
  4. Ate potato chips, bread, and sweet potatoes for lunch.
    Actually, since I HATE turkey... (See this list: FAVORITE THANKSGIVING SIDE DISHES)... this lunch would basically have been 8 year old Jessica's dream come true.
  5. Watched Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas.
    We're in a big Mickey phase right now.
  6. Assisted in doing a 12 piece Mickey puzzle 6 times in a row.
    All Mickey, all the time.
  7. Put up some Christmas lights.
    Maybe? I was thinking it might be a nice surprise for my husband. And I mean, with a potentially vomiting 2 year old as assistant, what could go wrong??