Disclaimer: I injured myself earlier this week (long story) and am supposed to be taking it easy.
  1. Ran the dishwasher.
    Now to put the clean dishes away...
  2. Watched 3 episodes of West Wing.
    Giphy downsized medium
    (Season 3 - including the Lemon Lyman episode.)
  3. Wrote a review of "Typewriter" for Shelf Awareness.
  4. Doublechecked publication dates for all of my December galleys, to make sure I'm not running behind on reviews.
  5. Made some book spine poetry while I was at it.
  6. Lamented that I do not live somewhere where leaves change color.
    Instagram is making me jealous.
  7. Fed the toddler & myself both breakfast & lunch.
    I can't decide if I like the Apple Pie Snaps from Sprouts or not. I'd better eat a few more to check.
  8. Checked the mail.
    My Usborne book order arrived, plus socks & underwear for my 6yo who is growing like a weed!
  9. Signed up for the 24 hour readathon (which is tomorrow. Way to plan ahead, Jessica), and selected a stack of books.
  10. Started the pizza dough for dinner. It's rising now. Hooray pizza night!
    (Photo from our last pizza night, which appears to have been 6 Fridays ago. Oops! Sorry 🍕, I didn't mean to neglect you.)