1. This is how she got off the bus today.
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  2. "Frontpack" on.
    For months now, whenever I ask her where her backpack is, she says, "You mean frontpack mom."
  3. Shirt on backwards.
  4. One sleeve up, one sleeve down.
  5. One pant leg up, one pant leg down.
    Sidenote: why don't we call it a "shirt arm"? Why isn't there an equivalent of "sleeve" for pants??
  6. One sock inside out, shoes on the wrong feet.
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  7. Me: WHAT‽! Why did you change all your clothes around at school? 😳
  8. Her: I wanted to be different and crazy!
  9. Me: You've got to stop doing this!
  10. Her: But why? It's fun!
  11. Me: starting to say "Because it looks weird."
  12. But stopping.
  13. Because how awesome is her confidence to walk around like that at school? 👏🏻
  14. I wish *I* had that kind of confidence.
  15. Me: settling for, "Well, I don't really like how it looks. And you have to promise to leave your shoes on the right feet, because it's bad for your feet. But I guess if your teacher doesn't say anything about the dress code, the clothes are ok."
  16. Seriously though guys.
  17. It KILLS me not to "fix" it.
  18. We shall see if I can stick to my resolution to let her be her own crazy self. 😝