Why were toys in the 80s so terrifying and/or sad?

Purging the bin of childhood toys. Mostly mine, a few my husband's.
  1. This is so Oregon Trail.
  2. I remember loving these clown bookends. But now there's only one. What to do with a lonely, creepy bookend?
  3. Colorforms!! Too bad they're all warped and curled with age.
  4. This is Bop Bop, my first doll.
    We lived in Texas in 1983. Even the dolls had big Texas bangs. 😂
  5. This one is actually kind of cool. But husband has zero recollection of it. Where did it come from??
  6. My aunt made these little dolls for me. If I re-ink their faces to make them less scary, I think I'll keep them, since they're small and will fit in a little baggie.
  7. The last lonely ring to my stacking toy. (I got rid of it a few years ago, but missed this one apparently.)
  9. This rattle is heavy, hard plastic. I feel like a baby could give themselves a concussion!
  10. And a tarnished silver mug engraved with Jessica Anne. Sigh. This is the kind of stuff I feel guilty about tossing, since someone obviously had it engraved for me. But, WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THIS CRAP?? We are drowning in stuff.
    Thinking heartless, minimalist thoughts. Thinking heartless, minimalist thoughts. Thinking heartless, minimalist thoughts.