1. Scheisse (German)
    It's about 128% more satisfying to yell Scheisse than shit. 💩
  2. Sacapuntas (Spanish)
    If you hiss this menacingly at someone they'll never know it means "pencil sharpener". Well, unless they speak Spanish. 😝
  3. Hôpital (French)
    Wouldn't YOU rather be à l'hôpital than in the hospital? (Or "in hospital" if you're British.) 😉
  4. Bibliothèque (French) & Biblioteca (Spanish)
    Either of those is WAY cooler than library. But luckily, since I live in Tucson, I can tell people I went to the biblioteca, and they get it. 📚
  5. Abbraccio (Italian)
    This recommendation is from @mhawkeyem. It means hug. And I think I can tell from cognates that it has the word "arm" in the middle, which is awesome! 💏
  6. Ecureuil (French)
    I love this one because as far as I can tell, it is literally impossible for English speakers to pronounce this properly. And it's funny bc it's the French word for squirrel. Which French people are generally HILARIOUSLY unable to pronounce. 😂