Inspired by @cvlop61
  1. You eat WAY more bread than you ought to.
  2. You always choose a book over tv.
  3. You really hate mayonnaise.
  4. You love candles, especially Grove Collaborative ones.
  5. You talk. A lot. 😬
  6. You're extremely competitive. You may try to be low key about it most of the time, but sometimes the crazy gets loose.
  7. You love to bake.
  8. You're obsessed with genealogy.
  9. You hate hot weather. Like super hate it. And if you live in Arizona, you may stay indoors as much as possible from April-October.
  10. You are a huge Anglophile.
  11. Your hair is usually up in a messy bun.
  12. You're working really hard on being more patient with your kids when they melt down, or do the EXACT opposite of what you tell them to do. But your first instinct is often to snap at them.
  13. You love it when you find someone who shares a similar interest.
  14. Your husband is the person who makes you laugh most in the world.
    He's super super snarky when no one else is around. 😂