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  1. I'm turning thirty😬
  2. Both good and bad things about my birthday.
  3. Good: I'm relatively healthy and I just got a new job. And I got a spiralizer from my mom. 👍🏻
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  1. I went shopping in the mall today for some dressy clothes for jury duty next month
  2. As I was walking past H&M I saw this in the window
  3. When was it decided we all needed to go back to the 90's?
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  1. I had an interview today for a small position at the local library.
  2. I think it went pretty well
  3. Expect now I'm overthinking all my answers and all the stuff I should of said.
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  1. Why do they keep putting out updates that seem counterintuitive
  2. Is this just there way of telling us all to stop fussing and just post all the lists
  3. Or are they just clearing everyone out so they can shut down
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  1. Peaky Blinders
    I have watched two seasons and the first episode of the third. While I liked the first two seasons, I just can't seem to get excited about the third. Maybe because he married Grace🙄. So, is it worth it? Should I suck it up and watch?
  2. House of Cards season 5
    I'm so tired of real world politics I can't get into fictional politics. Am I missing out? Was there a good twist?
  1. So who has seen the Netflix series? What did you think? Are you a book lover or new to the series?
  2. I read all the books as a kid and loved them. I thought the show was very faithful to the books. I have mixed thoughts on NPH as Count Olaf.
  1. West wing
  2. Gilmore girls
  3. Ugly Betty
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  1. My family's Christmas traditions are pretty small and low key. Both of my parents were kind of the black sheep of their family so I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen some of the extended family.
  2. When I was little we went to church.
    Church at christmas is the best. All the decorations. The singing. Beautiful.
  3. Around the time I was in junior high we started listening to Christmas songs and lip syncing/ dancing. There are many home videos of us being weird and embarrassing. 😬
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  1. Made some Christmas cookies with my sister today
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  1. SNL Haunted Elevator sketch with
  2. David Pumpkins!
  3. Any questions?