1. My family's Christmas traditions are pretty small and low key. Both of my parents were kind of the black sheep of their family so I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen some of the extended family.
  2. When I was little we went to church.
    Church at christmas is the best. All the decorations. The singing. Beautiful.
  3. Around the time I was in junior high we started listening to Christmas songs and lip syncing/ dancing. There are many home videos of us being weird and embarrassing. 😬
  4. Now that we're all adults and well into our twenties, we build a blanket fort.
  5. Static
  6. Seriously it's awesome
  7. Watching Christmas movies in the fort
    Really bad picture but we're watching muppet Christmas carol. VHS copy because it doesn't cut out that song.
  8. Then we usually drink chocolate milk. In Lord of the Rings glasses.
  9. Static
  10. Static
    Yes we are nerds
  11. At midnight, if we are awake we open presents. If not we wait until morning.
  12. Christmas Day for the past couple of years we went to the movies. This year it was Rogue One.
  13. And that's about it. Our holidays are pretty laid back. We mostly just take advantage of the fact that we are all off work at the same time to hang out. 🎄