My current thoughts and reactions from reading the new Harry Potter. I've stayed away from most spoilers and other peoples' lists.
  1. This stage direction😯
    Since when did Ron become the jokester of the group
  2. There's a secret time turner and Scorpius rumored to be Voldemort's son
    Wait what??!! For real? Now I see why people have been it comparing to fan fiction
  3. Albus gets sorted in Slytherin
    Saw that coming
  4. The candy lady is a weird mythical gatekeeper 😱
    She will use her candy as grenades and transform into a terrifying monster to make sure you stay on the train.
  5. Going back in time seems like a terrible idea
    So much could go wrong.
  6. See I told you
  7. Alternate Universe where Snape is still alive😃
  8. Will update more as I continue to read
  9. Update: Snape 😭
  10. Update: This double cross by Delphi was fairly obvious
  11. Okay...
  12. What
  13. Is
  14. Happening!?
  15. Voldemort had a kid?????
  16. How???
    This makes absolutely no sense.
  17. This crazy time travel business reads like some science fiction show
    Like a bizarre episode of Doctor Who
  18. Final Thoughts:
    If this play ever comes to the US or is taped, I would be interested in seeing it because the staging sounds intriguing. But as a straight story, it in no way reads like a Harry Potter book and like many other people have said it seems way more like a fan fic.