I'm seriously thinking about quitting my job but starting to doubt if I should.
  1. I currently work in retail and Christmas season is starting aka hell months
  2. I have worked here for more than ten years now
    What is wrong with me? I should have probably quit years ago and went back to school
  3. This place is so disorganized and no matter how much I complain, ask for help, tell the managers stuff isn't working I get ignored or told that stuff is going to change.
    Yeah right nothing ever changes
  4. I have a decent amount saved up so even though I don't have another job yet, I could last about six months without one.
  5. Probably the only thing in favor for keeping this job is I make a decent rate well above minimum and I have a bit of health insurance.
  6. Just the thought of another holiday season makes me want to vomit
  7. I think I just need some extra motivation/ courage to actually go through with it