1. So I recently started rewatching Gilmore Girls on Netflix for the millionth time and I had some thoughts.
  2. What is Rachel's backstory? Where is she from and how did her and Luke meet? He's not a very social guy and she doesn't seem like she grew up in Stars Hollow. Were the similarities between her and Lorelei intentional or does Luke just have a type?
    Endlessly fascinated about a minor character
  3. The Bracebridge dinner in season 2 does not make sense. They're recreating a 19th century meal. Ok. Sure. Then why in the world is Jackson dressed like Henry VIII??
    Ok I just researched it and apparently Yosemite holds a Bracebridge dinner and it's a Renaissance theme dinner based off a Washington Irving story. That mostly explains the mix up: Irving is from the 19th century writing a story about that time period. But then did the writers make a mistake or was it intentional?
  4. I have a faux poes foes shirt. My sister gave it to me for Christmas last year.
  5. Static
  6. Whatever happened to the Independence Inn? It caught fire and then it closed. After that?? Is the building just sitting there? Did someone buy it and tear it down?
  7. The time Rory and Jess spend dating is way shorter than you would think. The build up to it was longer.
  8. Luke is 100% more Rory's dad than Christopher. Who is at her high school graduation? Luke. Who is there at her 16th birthday and her 21st? Luke. Moving in to her dorm room and who's there? Oh yeah Luke. Who knew about her first breakup and did his best(in a weird way) to protect her and make her feel better? Once again Luke.
  9. Sticking Lane's dad in the revival brings up so many questions. Where was he the whole time? Did he have any thoughts on Lane being kicked out? And what about her wedding?
  10. Maybe Mitchum was on to something. Rory does eventually fail at being a journalist.
    I honestly I never really got why she wanted to be a journalist. A writer for sure makes sense. But not a journalist.