Just some things about me. Not really sure if this is how this particular list is supposed to be but whatever.
  1. My names Jessica
  2. Some people call me Triple J
    Because all three of my names start with J.
  3. I'm 5'10"
    I know, I'm tall.
  4. I have shoulder length, curly hair.
  5. I have eyes that switch color.
    That sounds weird, I know. But sometimes they're brown, sometimes they're green, sometimes a little yellow, and sometimes a little blue. Sometimes they're a few different colors at the same time.
  6. My favorite color is mint green.
    But I also like baby pink and teal.
  7. My favorite movie is The Iron Giant
    But I also love Signs, Lilo & Stitch and Toy Story.
  8. My favorite book is Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
    But I love the Percy Jackson series! Mainly The Battle Of The Labyrinth.
  9. My favorite show is Gravity Falls.
  10. I'm from Long Island.
    Which means I'm close to NYC which is awesome!
  11. My favorite foods are Pizza and Bagels.
    I'm from New York, what do you expect?
  12. My favorite actor is Tom Hanks.
    He's amazing.
  13. My favorite actress is Emily Blunt
    I also love Emma Stone!
  14. My favorite band is Relient K.
    Not very popular, but very good. You should look them up.
  15. My favorite artist (musician) is Jon McLaughlin.
    He's also very good and not very popular. You should look him up.
  16. I prefer Tea over Coffee.
    I don't like coffee and I love tea.
  17. I think that pizza bagels are basically the perfect food.
    Because they're a mix of my two favorite foods.
  18. I think that 7-Eleven makes the best hot chocolate.
    No one else compares, In my opinion.
  19. I also think 7-Eleven makes the best slushies.
    Slurpee's are just so amazing and idk why.
  20. My favorite flavor Ice Cream is Friendly's Strawberry Ice Cream.
  21. My favorite cake is my moms Ice Cream Cake.
    But chocolate cake is a VERY close second. But it has to be chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Mmm.
  22. At this point, you're all probably wondering how old I am. But I don't like to say my age so I'll keep you guessing.