Just a few of my OTP's
  1. Jim and Pam (The Office)
    (Pim? Jam? Idk) but really, who DOESN'T have them as there OTP?
  2. Percy and Annabeth (The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series)
    Ah, Percabeth. I really, truly love you guys and think you're adorable. They've been on such a long journey together and need each other in their lives i think.
  3. Fitz and Simmons (Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.LD.)
    They're perfect for each other. If I was Simmons I would have fallen in love with Fitz so fast. I get so scared when either of them get put in a bad situation.
  4. Sun and Jin (LOST)
    Even though Jin seemed like a real jerk in the beginning of the show, he truly loved Sun. They truly loved each other.
  5. Lucas and Maya (Girl Meets World)
    They have so much chemistry it's amazing. Their bickering and fighting makes them like brother and sister sort of. But you KNOW they're DEFINITELY not when you see now much romantic chemistry they have with each other. There also both good actors which obviously helps.
  6. Josh and Maya (Girl Meets World)
    Even though I find they're ship name stupid (Joshaya? Really? Why not Jaya or Mosh or something more creative and not as messy or long?) they also have very good chemistry and my favorite scene in the whole entire show. And they're my two favorite characters so that helps.
  7. Farkle and Smackle (Girl Meets World)
    A third from Girl Meets World. Farkle is my favorite character. And I find Smackle very entertaining. And they're adorable together and seem like they could be a legitimate couple in real. Maybe that's why they're so great together.
  8. If I think of more, I'll add them here.