Times I wish I was ambidextrous

These are just a few times I wish I was ambidextrous
  1. When I paint my nails
    I'm not that good at painting my nails in general. But when I have to paint my right hand, it kind if just looks... It just looks incredibly bad. Nothing else I can really say.
  2. When I sew/knit/crochet
    It would just help
  3. When I write/draw
    When my write hand cramps up, I really wish I could switch to my left hand.
  4. When I bowl
    I hurt my thumb the other day and went bowling the next day. I wish i could've used my left hand.
  5. When I try to play piano
    It's really hard for me to control both of my hands differently at the same time. Im thinking it would help if I was ambidextrous.
  6. When cutting food
    My right hand gets tired from gripping the knife. Wish I could switch to the left.
  7. When throwing anything
    Sometimes when my arm hurts, I can't throw something. I wish I could use my other arm.