My feelings towards my hometown

Trying to make sense of the place I called home for my childhood, as I lose faith in the community I was once a part of as well as humanity as a whole.
  1. To start off, I grew up in the only liberal town in Montana
    A blue town in a sea of red. Filled with college hippies, nature lovers and some uh, other people
  2. But liberal for Montana is not saying much.
    The amount of ignorance and hate this community continues to breed is mind boggling
  3. You might've heard about my town. A book by Jon Krakauer was written about it.
  4. Sometimes I love my town. I love the river in the center of town. I love that you can get all the way across town in less than 15minutes.
  5. But then I remember there are people like those in Krakauer's book, and the people I went to high school with who post statuses like this...
    And I'm ashamed. Ashamed to call this place my hometown
  6. And this...
  7. But in reality, my hometown is no different than any other hometown across the nation
  8. Sure some hometowns may be more liberal and open minded than mine, (hi NYC 👋) but the hate and ignorance is still out there.
  9. Still spawning more hate, violence and injustice in this world.
  10. All I can do is be thankful my parents raised me to see the humanity in others, to empathize, and be kind.
    And be thankful I had the privilege to leave my hometown for college.
  11. And work to call out and educate these people.
    So that maybe the next generation in my hometown, and this country, can be a little better than it is today.