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  1. Inspiring: This Woman Doesn't See Race In Relationships, Cares Solely About Looks
  2. Eye-opening: To Understand Life As A Black Man This White Man Wore Blackface For A Day
    "My coworkers called me 'horrible' and 'disgusting' just for being a black man in America," this distressed hero claims. "I was utterly appalled."
  3. Science Win: These Women Were Photoshopped to Fit Beauty Standards and Were Amazed By Their Plastic Surgery Options
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  1. 1.
    Dr. Spaceman
    No explanation necessary.
  2. 2.
    I'm not saying he was better for Liz than Criss, but watching Matt Damon cry about not being as strong as Jeffrey Garten was one of my favorite moments of the show.
  3. 3.
    Angie Jordan
    Oh my God, she's the Queen in a hopefully not racist way.
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  1. "I watched Elizabeth, Will, and Grace."
    Did you watch Will and Grace, the hilarious show? Ohhh, never mind. You watched two separate people named Will and Grace. I got you. Thank you, Oxford Comma.
  2. "I ate cookies, fish, and chips."
    Were you eating pretentous French fries and fried fish? Oh, no. Just normal salmon and Lays. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks, Oxford Comma.
  3. "I ate at Harold, Ben, and Jerry's."
    Oh my God, the delicious Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream? No? Oh. Okay. Never mind then.
  4. "I enjoy reading about knitting, Harry Potter, and the Deathly Hallows."
    The final book in the Harry Potter series? I love that too! Oh, right, you meant you like reading the Tales of Beetle the Bard, in which you enjoy the story of the Three Brother who discover the Deathly Hallows.
  1. Arthur
    Oh, Arthur, the best half hours of my days. In 2016, it gave us the Arthur's Fist meme, which is my favorite meme solely because it was so important to me and also because I took a quiz weigh told me that if I were a meme, I would be that. It was so funny and proved people of different beliefs and socioeconomic classes could be friends.
  2. Spongebob
    I related to Patrick pretty hard.
  3. Word Girl
    I didn't even like Word Girl that much but I would like to mention that Chris Parnell was the narrator on that show. That is awesome.
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It was a shitty year, but at least these things happened.
  1. Late Night's A Closer Look
    It's so funny and so informative. I'm so glad they're going to keep it up.
  2. Alec Baldwin v. Kate McKinnon
    SNL's election coverage was pretty great.
  3. Young people (like me) got really involved and informed with politics and other news.
    My friends and I have liked CNN and The New York Times on Facebook. Unfortunately I've also liked Clickhole and The Onion and occasionally I think a CNN article was by one of them. For example, "What's in the 2017 crystal ball? Here are some predictions for next year." This year, a revolution of youth rose up and then sat back down and cried in defeat.
  1. People don't realize I'm sarcastic 90% of the time and they just assume I'm a horrible person.
    Ex: my Chinese friend and I were talking the day after Trump was elected. She was informing me of her serious worries for the environment now and I replied, "Well, your people are trying to spread that conspiracy so of course you would say something like that." I turned some disgusted heads.
  2. The crimes I see on Criminal Minds will happen to me, after I'm attacked while washing my face, eyes closed, in the shower.
    He'll attempt some horribly unspeakable acts, but I'll thwart him by cutting his eyes with my razor while delivering a powerful speech, and running away.
  3. God will cruelly punish me by taking my sarcastic future hopes and predictions and making them real.
    Ex: I'll get into a horrible car accident the day before finals. I will never find love and die alone with my seven immaculately groomed cats, all of which are named after composers of the Classical and Romantic Eras.
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  1. If Pal was born in America, in Arthur's living room, how does he have a British accent?
  2. If the characters are animals, how come they have their own pets? Like, Binky's a dog, yet he's much larger than Pal. Pets are like slavery in this world.
  3. How come those fourth graders are so much taller than the third graders?
  4. Was Rattles responsible for my sexual awakening?
    He was tough on the outside, but soft and sensitive on the inside, like Binky. And his voice was pretty hot for a fourth grader. But was he really sensual enough to be the culprit?
  1. Tracy never EGOTed in 30 Rock.
    I don't understand why this continues to bother me because it was really the only possible outcome. You could tell from the moment he declared that he could finish anything that he.
  2. Mac and cheese
    Every time I'm about to eat it I give myself a pep talk and tell myself I'll like it or else. For whatever reason though, I can never bring myself to enjoy the gooey cheese and carbs that I normally would for any other gross food. I consider this one of my greatest failures.
  3. Eggs
    Are these really that good? Please tell me I'm not crazy here. No, really, please do, I'm going kind of insane because of just how unpopular my egg opinions are.
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I don't know how exactly I'll end up rich and famous, but I know that I deserve to, because I donated $36 to UNICEF back in fifth grade.
  1. A yacht
    We live in Michigan. Why did I promise her a yacht?
  2. A private island
    I wasn't even five when I promised her this. I was 10. I'd known my mom for a solid 10 years at this point and I still thought she would really love her own island.
  3. A mall
    Yeah, an entire mall. Because my mom really loves Hot Topic and Eddie Bauer.
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To set the scene, I am 22 (and not a teenager) loving life as a senior at Tisch (I'm also in Hammerkatz: we already have a ton in common). Donald is 28 and not 33. We aren't far apart so that it's creepy, but he's still older enough to make it sexy. Donald is single and not even a dad in this scenario: I know, I'm shameless in my thirst.
  1. Donald is performing the event of the century: he is rapping and, in between songs, he's doing stand-up comedy, one night only, in New York. No one even knows what to call this revolutionary event. I am very wealthy and well connected, so naturally I'm in the front row with my squad.
    I am not only a huge Childish Gambino fan, but also just a Donald fan. I've read Bossypants (463 times) and am fully aware that he wrote about backdoor bragging for my favorite show of all time, 30 Rock. I also love Community and think it's adorable how he accidentally tripped in The Martian. I love Derrick Comedy and Jerry will always be close to my heart.
  2. We make eye contact a few times during his performance. My heart stops, but I'm trying my best to keep my cool.
    That dude is into curvy Asian girls and I know it. God willing, I'm gonna trap him hard.
  3. One of his stand-up jokes goes poorly and I shout out something really witty and clever and hilarious and I have the entire stadium cracking up in tears. Donald is reasonably impressed.
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