1. Inspiring: This Woman Doesn't See Race In Relationships, Cares Solely About Looks
  2. Eye-opening: To Understand Life As A Black Man This White Man Wore Blackface For A Day
    "My coworkers called me 'horrible' and 'disgusting' just for being a black man in America," this distressed hero claims. "I was utterly appalled."
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    What a romantic gesture! Take notes, ladies.
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  6. 5 Tips for Kidnapping Victims
    [Nothing funny here, just wondered what their tips would be.]
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    "Many people believe that women avoid me. However, in all reality, I've sworn off women, because I already have everything any girlfriend would ordinarily provide. I live with my parents, who care for me and ask me about my day, and I masturbate, so I'm basically covered."
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