1. Arthur
    Oh, Arthur, the best half hours of my days. In 2016, it gave us the Arthur's Fist meme, which is my favorite meme solely because it was so important to me and also because I took a quiz weigh told me that if I were a meme, I would be that. It was so funny and proved people of different beliefs and socioeconomic classes could be friends.
  2. Spongebob
    I related to Patrick pretty hard.
  3. Word Girl
    I didn't even like Word Girl that much but I would like to mention that Chris Parnell was the narrator on that show. That is awesome.
  4. Teletubbies
    That show was fucked up. Its sun was a baby's face.
  5. Sesame Street
    I have no qualms with that quality show other than that I would cut off Snuffleupagus's (or however you spell it) eyelashes. How does he open his eyelids when they're that heavy? Fyi, favorite character: Elmo.
  6. Boohba
    This show was straight up horrifying. I saw it as a very young toddler and I blame it for everything wrong with me today. They transformed back into small small dolls at the end of the day and changed back to these in the morning. What were my parents thinking?