Things I've promised to buy my mom once I'm rich and famous

I don't know how exactly I'll end up rich and famous, but I know that I deserve to, because I donated $36 to UNICEF back in fifth grade.
  1. A yacht
    We live in Michigan. Why did I promise her a yacht?
  2. A private island
    I wasn't even five when I promised her this. I was 10. I'd known my mom for a solid 10 years at this point and I still thought she would really love her own island.
  3. A mall
    Yeah, an entire mall. Because my mom really loves Hot Topic and Eddie Bauer.
  4. A mansion
    My mom replied to this by saying she hates big houses because of all the cleaning she has to do.
  5. A cleaning and cooking staff
    To complement the mansion.
  6. A Maybach
    Nicki Minaj has this car so naturally my mom should have it too.
  7. All of my tax returns
    This works, I think. This is the only one out of seven promises that I could actually feasibly fulfill to my mom.