I love and appreciate my mom's candor. She never lies. When she tells me she likes my hair, I know my hair actually looks nice. When we were kids though, this occasionally became a problem for me and my sister, Sophia.
  1. Sophia, 4: [crawling into her bedroom after a bad dream] Mommy, I had a nightmare where you and Daddy died. Mom: That's so sad, but that is going to happen someday.
    My sister later recalled that this was the first time she'd realized our parents would die eventually, probably before we did. I didn't realize this same exact thing until I was 14. After that I stopped being an occasional bitch to them.
  2. Me, 7, during a very bad storm (my mom is driving): Mommy, weren't not going to die, right? Mom: I mean, we could. I can't say for sure, because only God knows that kind of stuff.
    After that I was pretty sure we were going to die. When we didn't, I prayed to God profusely for an entire 10 minutes. I was more pious back then than I am today.