1. My deep passion for The Office, The Mindy Project, and books like Is Everybody Hanging Out With Me?, Why Not Me?, and One More Thing have instilled in me the philosophy that I should just do whatever Mindy Kaling or B.J. Novak say I should do.
    They didn't personally tell me I should get the li.st app, but it'd be pretty cool if they had.
  2. A lot of social media has some shitty people posting shitty stuff. The li.st app seems like a chill and really funny app where cool people can just share their cool lists.
    Mean and annoyingly ignorant social media posts are why I'm fifteen and I only have Facebook. Keep your judgements to yourself, at least I don't have Google+.
  3. I love lists a lot.
    Grocery and shopping lists, lists of books I want to read, lists of Christmas presents to buy people, lists of the people I'd murder, in order of priority, if I became a rogue sniper and why. These are all lists I have saved in my Microsoft Word.