1. Walking through the cobbled streets of Strasbourg while a light rain fell. I ate in a salon du thé, walked through the market and around the river, listened to Ben Folds & Regina Spektor, and felt totally free.
  2. A much-anticipated second Tinder date in a tiny Alsatian restaurant. Climbing the 300-and-something steps of the cathedral. The cold fresh air at the top. The view. Going back twice, just because.
  3. Hanging with Mary and indulging our inner 13-year-old-girl, complete with cookies, Dirty Dancing, nail polish, and dance videos.
  4. Traveling alone. I dealt with train mishaps, found an amazing AirBnB and got home via BlaBlaCar. I figured out directions, spoke nothing but French for four days, and proved to myself that I can do the solo female traveler thing.
  5. Talking in-depth with Mary about personality types in Clermont while I sat (quite literally) blind, drinking a latté. A hilariously bad day that actually brought about some deep conversation and helpful introspection as we talked about our strengths and weaknesses. I'm sanguine; she's phlegmatic. "Phlegmy," as she says. I like these phlegmy people.