1. Food processor
  2. Thus, hummus hummus hummus. Pesto. Soup.
  3. Burning my eye with hydrogen peroxide.
  4. Running out of money.
  5. Dance videos.
  6. Mary & I scaring ourselves silly while binge-watching American Horror Story: Murder House
  7. A 4-day quarter life crisis
  8. Tears of frustration
  9. A few really good books
  10. Applying to grad school for a Master's in French
  11. Planning trips to Paris, Lyon, Menton, Strasbourg...
  12. So much anticipation
  13. So much frustration for this petite ville
  14. Missy Elliott trap remix on repeat
  15. "Tinder drinking game"
  16. Getting out of my work slump and feeling like I killed it again
  17. Reveling in being 22. Highs and lows but I can't imagine anything else right now