Stink Bugs Sneak Attack

The stink bugs are out to get me. Shouldn't they be dead or hibernating. It's February. Get out of my life.
  1. Trying to pepper my broccoli. BAM! Stink bug!
  2. Turning on the sink. Whapow! Stink bug! (Side note, I cleaned the disgust sink after this and every time I took a picture in the bathroom)
  3. Stink bug made a friend.
  4. Screamed and flicked the bastard off the top of my soap at 6:30 in the morning. Then was mad I didn't take a picture first. Max camouflage.
  5. Oh you want to be warm. Not without me!
  6. Morning drudgery. Slam! Stink bug.
  7. Hope @taymorg wasn't planning to shave his beard this morning. Kapow! Stink bug.
  8. Now I'm pretty sure I have developed a 6th sense for finding them. Or they are just literally everywhere. Could be either one.