1. Jack McCoy
    Hang um high McCoy! If I get murdered.. I want him prosecuting.
  2. Rockford
    Best night spent with my dad watching Jim Rockford solve crime.
  3. Magnum
    Tom Selleck. I'd move to Hawaii to be a victim of crime so magnum could find the bad guy. Who'd be a giant Samoan known to Rick and TC as the meanest guy on the island.
  4. Quincy
    Quincy made science seem fun. He hovered over a body we never saw.. And would say things like " look at the liver Sam... Clearly this woman was a victim of physical abuse!" Then without police back up and without the police getting mad he's go after the killer. And get them!
  5. Sherlock Holmes
    I'm a huge cumberbatch fan. Feel like his is the best. A slightly Aspergers ridden smart man who doesn't realize he's cared for. MILLERS Sherlock is good too.
  6. Jessica Fletcher
    I don't know about you but living in Maine with mrs Fletcher while she solves crimes would be awesome.
  7. columbo
    My moms favorite. Squirrelly and a scalawag.. And always left with just "one more question "