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  1. make a school bus wait for me to catch up
  2. talk on the phone in vietnamese around other people
i love reading the lists here though, dont get me wrong
  1. i'm not cool
  2. i'm more of a reader than a writer
  3. i'm only a freshman in high school so my writing skills are probably still developing along with my brain
    also bc i've noticed that most people on this app are middle-aged
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this is so embarrassing
  1. SPAM
    seriously i really hate myself for this
  2. a majority of the artists i'm a fan of
    *justin bieber*
  1. i hope you think i look cute today
  2. does my ass look good??
    i actually dont think this now with any of the boys im interested in, i only really hope that nobody sees any panty lines
  3. are you reading my mind at this very moment??
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