I like how this list title sounds so Digital Underground, "so just let me listroduce myself..."
  1. Hi! I'm Jessica.
    That's me, or at least my headshot for the back of the book I haven't finished writing. Yep, I'm a writer. And not such a serious looking one at that. But hey, don't write me off just yet...
  2. Married with kids.
    I'm the wifey and mama to these three wise guys who live with me and put up with my occasional antics. It's fantastic being the only female in the house, highly recommend.
  3. I love my job and my team.
    I run this lil' creative studio comprised of some of the most talented storytellers in NY + LA. They keep me sane and make me laugh on the daily. We also put on super fun events and like to make friends with influencers and media.
  4. I love hip hop and the urban dance scene, always have!
    My younger son is a hip hop kid and an aspiring bboy, and much of my free time is devoted to being his personal Uber to countless, lengthy rehearsals and dance shows. Admittedly, I do love being his groupie, as we are constantly around some of the most talented breakers and dancers in the industry.
  5. If food is life, then good food is good living.
    Not keen on the term foodie, but the food world is a big part of my professional and personal life. I worked in branding for a decade, mostly in fine food, consumer packaged goods, and food & beverage, so it's hard to escape. Plus who doesn't like to eat? I'm just happy to meet such cool chefs and try their amazing culinary creations. But the downside is having a constant Freshman 15+ to lose...
  6. Music is life. I love all kinds of musical performance.
    I love music but I don't play an instrument and only sing in the shower or my car. Mad respect for anyone who can make music. I'm constantly listening to music and can't get enough classical, jazz or reggae, so random, I know. Luckily, my older son shares this passion with me. Seeing him sing on stage at Carnegie Hall last year was a major moment for us.
  7. I'm a word nerd. Werd.
    I follow AP Style like it's out of style. I'm that annoying friend who corrects your grammar, loves writing, and believes everyone can benefit from a good edit.
  8. I love my #bffs.
    I'm really lucky to have several close friends whom I've known for decades, both girls and boys. I consider "best friend" more of a tier rather than one person (per the wise words of @mindy who totally would be my BFF.)
  9. Harry Connick, Jr.
    I've been to more than two dozen Harry Connick, Jr. concerts (became a fan when I was 14, and even saw him perform during his funk stage), and I think he's the most talented, funniest man on this planet. #harryconnickjr #folife
  10. I'm very close to my parents and my big brother.
    I'm a total daddy's girl, I couldn't be a good mom without my own amazing mom, and I still look up to my big brother. My family and I immigrated to the U.S. when I was just three years old. Despite my parents divorcing later in life (after 26 years of marriage), we are still very close. Maybe because everyone's on their own now, I feel like I've gotta be the glue to keep us connected. My kids play a big part in that, too.
  11. If curiosity killed the cat, then ambition killed the human.
    I've been ambitious my whole life, but now I'm kinda tired. I still want to be and do and try so many things. But it's just not logical. Past my prime? Maybe. I feel old. I'm easier to please. I like simpler things. Maybe I'll rally at some point, but for now, it's nice to not think too hard. I do especially like letting my boys tell me what to do every now and then.
  12. I'm a hopeless romantic.
    Ah, no one's perfect. But I like Woody Allen, Nora Ephron, and movies like "When Harry Met Sally..." and I loved being a teenage girl, and later meeting the one, and I think about soul mates. I also like playing matchmaker, and while not everyone's meant to be with someone, I think everyone should experience falling in love, at least once.