Because all true life lessons come from foreign television
  1. If you like a girl, you should tell her before some billionaire pop star/business tycoon comes along and forces her to love him. Because that happens ALL. THE. TIME.
  2. You can park literally anywhere in Seoul. Middle of the highway. Back alleys. Sidewalks. All fair game.
  3. You only need 5 songs to be the soundtrack of your life. One for happy, one for sad and/or lonely, one for romance, one for comedy, and a theme song.
  4. Body-swapping and gender bending are routine parts of life. Also, there are a plethora of ghosts in Korea.
  5. Kissing doesn't happen until episode 8.
  6. When you're really serious about getting your point across, grab the person by the wrist and drag them away. (The lines here are really blurred with kidnapping protocols.)
  7. The biggest events of your life can be contained in 16 episodes.
  8. If you're wearing a black hat, you're absolutely a shady character. No other costuming is required.