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  1. Her cackle
  2. Her winged tip eyeliner
  3. The fact that she is a mum
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  1. Alaina Hart transitioning off our team.
    Just really sucks.
  2. The scene in Grey's where Meredith tells Amelia that she's going to kill her if she doesn't leave her room.
    It's true, Meredith did nothing TO YOU, AMELIA.
  3. Seeing old pictures of my nieces and nephews from when they were tiny littles.
    They are now pre-teens and teenagers.
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  1. Laundry
  2. Organize my calendar
  3. Clean the bathroom
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  1. Who should turn the lights off before going to bed.
  2. Which one of us is funnier.
    We poll our friends frequently.
  3. Who washed dishes last.
    In an effort to get out of washing dishes now.
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  1. Seriously. Seriously?!
    It's Meredith Grey's influence in my life.
  2. You have got to be kidding me.
    In response to ridiculousness.
  3. Oh, hell no.
    I say hell instead of heck, oops.
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  1. 😏
    It reminds me of Bryce Kelley's sassy face.
  2. 😒
    It reminds me of my sassy face.
  3. 😭
    I cry...a lot.
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  1. Grey's Anatomy
    Seasons 1-6 are EVERYTHING.
  2. Gilmore Girls
    Lauren Graham is who I would want to spend the rest of my existence with.
  3. Friends
Sassy is my middle name (not really, I don't have a middle name)
  1. Try to find a job where you can be the boss so that you can have your sass be part of your job description. People in positions of power can be as sassy as they want. #bossypants
  2. Be classy by using fancy words while sassing people around you. When you sound smarter people find it hard to argue with you and you win...at everything. #winning
  3. Sass requires quick comebacks, so plan ahead and think of ways that you can dodge any oncoming sass that is directed toward you. #armorofgod
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