1. Thinks that vanilla ice cream is the most substantial flavor and that all others try too hard
    Because it is and they do
  2. Plans weekend day trips to see a Yankee game and have drinks at the MET after
  3. Likes to sleep until 4pm with you once every couple of months
  4. Always wants ice coffee
  5. Gives you a tour of his hometown while blasting yung thug
  6. Buys you airport souvenirs every time he goes on a trip without you
  7. Is a low key Hillary supporter and says things like "wow little girls can actually dream of being president now" with genuine happiness
  8. Rarely but effectively sings Bjork very, very loudly
  9. Always unpacks his suitcase as soon as he arrives home from a trip
  10. Has really good shoes
  11. Goes to gay clubs with you and all your friends
  12. Is really good at his job and gives you really good advice for yours
  13. Knows good restaurants
  14. Stays with you in the emergency room all night when you get appendicitis and tells your parents where to go and how you're doing
  15. Is your favorite guy