***Disclaimer: this is my personal appreciation ranking and doesn't at all indicate my opinion on character complexity***
  1. Dr. Melfi
    Remember when she accidentally said "toodle-loo"??
  2. Tony
  3. Furio
  4. Adriana
  5. Artie Bucco
  6. Christopher
  7. Uncle June aka corrado soprano
  8. Carm
  9. Paulie's Ma
  10. Paulie
  11. Vito's son Vito Jr.
    When he goes full goth
  12. Svetlana
    By far Tony's best and most in-control mistress
  13. Johnny sac's wife (Ginny)
  14. Tony Blundetto
  15. Vito
  16. Anthony jr
  17. Jackie Jr
    Yung wise guy. RIP
  18. Finn
    Could really sympathize w him
  19. Irina
    She was a handful
  20. Uncle Junior's girlfriend
    Felt so bad when he smushed a pie in her face :/
  21. Richie Aprile
  22. Dr. Elliot
    Dr. melfi's doctor
  23. Meadow
    Never could relate to her though
  24. Ralph Cifaretto
  25. Janice
    Worst lady ever, fiction or non, but I love it so much when she goes to yoga and Richie Aprile hits on her
  26. Sil!