You're always in your car, so on foot, things get confusing. But you can do this. I believe in you.
  1. Share the sidewalk. It's big enough for lots of people!
    Personal space is a big deal for Angelenos. If you see someone headed your way, simply move to the right.
  2. When walking side-by-side with your partner, be conscious of others.
    I get it. You guys are in love. You must never not be holding hands. Or maybe you've committed to never leaving each other's sides, literally. Please calm down and let other people by. Your love will endure.
  3. If you're with a group of friends having a pleasant chat, glance around every few minutes and let other people by.
    Ok, the last time you all talked it was in an intense FB comment battle about gun control and you've put your differences aside. That doesn't mean you cannot also step aside for a passerby.
  4. When you're walking your dog, don't let it bury it's head in a stranger's crotch for a long, moist sniff.
    Unless you ask the stranger for permission first.
  5. When you pass a woman, don't tell her to smile.
    She is a person and does not exist to make you feel good about yourself. Just keep moving.