Podcasts I Love Enough to List

  1. How Did This Get Made
    I embarrass myself by laughing really hard listening to this as I run (errrr, mostly walk).
  2. Criminal
    So juicy.
  3. Death Sex & Money
    Juicy in a different way. Anna Sale is the best interviewer.
  4. Radiolab
    Excellent storytelling. Stellar sound engineering, if that's your thing.
  5. 2 Dope Queens
  6. The Splendid Table
    Because food.
  7. 99% Invisible
    It's about architecture, but also much, much more. Highly consumable short episodes.
  8. Dear Sugar Radio
    Advice "column" that's food for your soul. If you have one.
  9. Lore
    Scary stories!
  10. This American Life