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We span time. I like touching more than he likes touching. We're the couple that doesn't touch, but sometimes I sneak in a hand hold as we're falling asleep.
Inspired by @hannah_rachel
  1. Levi's
    Classic. So good.
  2. Pons
    My feet for the entire summer.
  3. Sabah
    Worth every penny.
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Inspired by the entirety of the Internet.
Good skin is a totally new thing to me. I have had keratosis pilaris (aka chicken skin) for most of my life, so the skin on my cheeks, arms, legs, and torso has always been rough and bumpy. I have tried all sorts of creams and pills and dietary changes over the last 25 years, and this is the stuff that has actually worked for me.
  1. Hydration
    I start with about 8 glasses a day. You might need more or less, depending on your activity level and whether or not your diet is high in water or if you talk a lot. But your gauge is your urine: it should be pale yellow, almost clear, when you are properly hydrated. And I don't drink coffee or alcohol or soft drinks; just water. I'm a very cheap date.
  2. French skin care products
    I stopped buying makeup (other than eyebrow pencils - COME ON NOW) and started spending money on good skincare. Many French brands have for years been free of the nastiest toxic stuff that North American brands are only now starting to eliminate. And the French are OBSESSED with good skin. I use a gentle cleanser, a serum, a day moisturizer with SPF, and a richer night cream. They keep trying to sell me eye cream but that seems like too much trouble.
  3. Balanced hormones
    This sounds so simple but is actually pretty complicated. The good/bad thing about the endocrine system is that it's all connected; even if you don't know where to start, just start somewhere and it will make a difference! Managing blood sugar is important, as well as thyroid hormone and estrogen/progesterone and...well, they're kind-of all important, but start with the biggest one and I promise it won't be as awkward as you think.
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Inspired by @mallofamanda
  1. Striped Benetton shirt
    Oversized with rolled-up sleeves and popped collar.
  2. Levi's 501 jeans
    Pretty sure they were men's. And they were also oversized (I love oversized things). I wore those jeans until they were my proper size and they literally fell apart (in the early 90's).
  3. Hypercolor shirt
    Mine was the same color way as the photo but a short-sleeved tee. Aside: how was this a good idea? It changed colour anywhere it was warm, which was all the places it touched your body — so your underarms and the tops of your boobs (horrifying to a not-quite-pubescent girl) were pretty much always on display.
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You know all those movies that absolutely everyone has seen and they become cultural touch points and there's pretty much no way you wouldn't have seen them? Well, I probably haven't seen them. My family is Mennonite so that's my excuse. BONUS: I have included my impression of what each movie is about.
  1. Titanic
    Spoiler alert: the ship sinks. Not sure if Kate and Leo die.
  2. Ghost
    Someone dies and comes back to make sexy pottery.
  3. Fatal Attraction
    Actually no idea.
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This is the actual and authentic list inspired by @chrisfon. Edited to add photos!
  1. High waisted jeans are the shit
    I have a small waist and small ribs and these make me feel like I can run the world. My boyfriend calls them MOM JEANS and I DO NOT CARE.
  2. Flood pants
    I deliberately hem all my pants a little bit too short. (I tell myself that) it creates the illusion that my legs are just TOO LONG to be contained by pants! Also: bare ankles.
  3. Eyebrows
    Are things on fleek any more? Because my eyebrows are.
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I started writing about MY BRAND OF FEMININITY (inspired by @chrisfon) and realised that there is a lot of background that travels with my feelings about femininity. So I wrote this list instead.
  1. I remember my mum being criticized for not being feminine enough
    She was told that she was not a good role model for me because she was a single mother who did not date or wear makeup. Anything labeled as traditionally feminine made her extremely uncomfortable. She was told that she was damaging me by failing to provide a strong female or male role model. (Photo of me with my mum and grandma.)
  2. I grew up being really unsure of what it meant to be female
    Not just feminine, but fundamentally female. I like being smart but I also like being pretty...I love love and I don't need a man, but I want a man...I'm getting a pedicure and helping you replace your roof...is that okay?
  3. I've since learned that being female and feminine are things that you can define for yourself
    I give riot grrrl all the credit for this.
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Breakfast is my favourite meal and even though I mix it up, I definitely have some common themes in my regular rotation.
  1. Savory oatmeal with egg and chili sauce.
  2. Messy egg with potatoes and greens.
  3. Apple pie oatmeal with stewed apples and pecans.
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I KonMari'd my wardrobe and it's a bit terrifying opening my closet and seeing all the space. (Many of the discards are piled on my floor, because I panicked and decided to do a test run before donating everything.) This list reminds me that I actually do have a lot of clothes. Yes, I really do wear all black-white-grey.
  1. Black jeans.
    Two pairs.
  2. Grey jeans.
    Three pairs.
  3. Blue jeans.
    For casual days. Three pairs.
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