I'm so glad I put this list together. December always feels really difficult, but 2015 was actually an awesome year! Inspired by @soletshangout
  1. January
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    I moved my nutrition practice from part-time to full-time and I made ricotta cheese.
  2. February
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    Daily yoga challenge to counter the effects of Winterlicious, a prix fixe restaurant bonanza here in Toronto.
  3. March
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    Sleater-Kinney! Also in March: Torche.
  4. April
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    In San Diego. House-sat for friends and took care of their chickens, saw Drive Like Jehu twice, went to a friend's birthday crawfish party.
  5. May
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    Trying to perfect chocolate-peanut butter waffles. Saw Swervedriver (disappointing) and Sebadoh (still in love).
  6. June
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    Baked so many vegan brownies to sell at a local flea. Went to Saskatoon for a family wedding.
  7. July
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    Visited Detroit and finally got to see Morrissey! Also this month: my nana died. My friend died. I learned that I have a heart defect and I started seeing a cardiologist.
  8. August
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    Went to Montréal for Heavy MTL. Hung out with Rocket From The Crypt all weekend, saw Iggy Pop and Faith No More and Dokken and Lita Ford, ate food catered by Chuck Hughes, saw architecture from Buckminster Fuller and Mies van der Rohe.
  9. September
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    Riot Fest Toronto with Drive Like Jehu. Met Thurston Moore and totally fangirled. Saw Lemmy from Mötörhead and did it again.
  10. October
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    Thanksgiving with my family and a deep-fried turkey. Saw Luna; confirmed I still have a crush on Dean Wareham.
  11. November
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    Met Garance Doré at a book signing and totally fangirled.
  12. December
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    It's all about the cookies!